Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Meeting Dolls

Since I only just now got my blog, we have a lot to catch up on! Allow me to introduce you to the dolls here: (my own pictures coming, these are pictures of the exact dolls from the Net.)

The Little Mermaid Family

Eric, Ariel, King Triton, & Ursula live in their own little box. Ursula has a big crush on King Triton but is afraid to tell him. Ariel & Eric's wedding is postponed for until Vanessa can get her hands on an Ariel Wedding Dress. Ariel already said that I could be her bridesmaid.

The Snow White Family

Snow White, the Evil Queen, & the Prince live in a box with the Cinderella family. Vanessa decided to give the Evil Queen a name since she is trying to not me evil anymore (being a perfect princess, I still don't trust her) so her name is Queen Ermentrude. The Prince is named Prince Christopher.

The Cinderella Family

Prince Charming, Cinderella, & the Fairy Godmother live in a box with the Snow White family. (Trivia: I learned how to make my hair so princessy perfect FROM Cinderella herself!).

The Sleeping Beauty Family

Prince Phillip has been waiting so long for his bride. I hope Vanessa finds Aurora someday for him. Poor guy. For some reason, Vanessa has two Maleficents. One that is still kept in her plastic prison and one allowed to roam free. To differentiate them, I call the one with green skin Mally & the other Maleficent because she seems more regal. Vanessa is always saying 'this one's LE! We can't take it out of its box!'. Well I don't care honey, LET HER GO. They live in a box with Belle & Beast.

Belle & Beast

We can hardly call just the two of them a family, I think. They live with the Sleeping Beauty Family.

Well that's about it, we have about 2 more families (including mine!) coming up next!

See ya later, darlin's!

Charlotte La Bouff

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