Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My Date With Phillip

My date was wonderful! Phillip & I went to the restaurant Belle & Beast owns, and had giant turkey legs. Beast's side of the restaurant is formal eating, while Belle's is a little coffee shop where she has a big bookcase so you can read while you eat. This time, Phillip & I chose Beast's side. Belle waited on us. We got to talk a lot. Phillip actually never loved Aurora, he just had to love her cause that's what everyone wanted. Pics are comin', darlin's!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Save By My Girlfriends

I was about to set out for Prince Phillip's house, when I quickly realized that I had no idea how I would get there without a way of transportation. My gal pals saved the day by renting me a carriage to get to Prince Phillip's house. They're so sweet! Even though the carriage is supposed to seat 6 people, tonight it would luxuriously seat two. When the coachman (The Prince) pulled up at Prince Phillip's house, his face went pale. "What's wrong, sugar?" I asked him worriedly. "The thing is that the romantic surprise was that when you came, I was gonna have somebody drive us in this carriage, and we were gonna be pulled to the restaurant in a beautiful carriage. But now we can't." he was crying. "Its ok" I said, giving him a hug. We got in the carriage and had a nice conversation on the way there. Stay tuned to hear about our dinner!

Gettin' Dressed for My Date

I'm gonna finally get to go on my first date! I am very excited. I decided for the occasion that I would wear a different dress than the pink one I usually wear.
Mally said I looked beautiful. I hope Prince Phillip thinks so! Phillip says for our date that he wants me to meet him next to his box for a surprise. I bet its romantic!

Not Just Anna

I was readin' the blog of Anna. She's a real sweetie! Her blog is brand new and so is she, her owner MyLittleMegara has only had her for a bit. She got a blog real early, because she's special. Not very many of her were made! It took me 3 years to get a blog of my own, and i'm her favorite! (Shh don't tell Tia… it might hurt her feelings!). So I read Anna's blog cause this girl must be REALLY special if she got her own blog! And as usual, I was correct in my assumption. You can read her blog HERE:

My Boyfriend

Darlin's, I have a boyfriend! His name is Prince Phillip. He's just a doll! (Hee hee). Prince Phillip got tired of waitin' for Aurora so now he's courtin' me! If we get married, that means that i'm gonna be a princess! And that means that all the dolls reading this blog are gonna be reading the blog of a real live princess! I'm so excited! He's gonna take me out on our first date today. Wish me luck!

Movie Night

The other night Vanessa watched Box Trolls on her sofa. Us dolls jumped out of our boxes to go watch also. Vanessa didn't like it too well. I thought it was rather disgusting! Especially the man who was allergic to cheese. The girl, Winifred, was annoying and bothersome. I do not recommend it. I do recommend How To Train Your Dragon 2, & Big Hero 6 as good movies to watch.

How I Was Bought

I wasn't always owned by Vanessa. A long long time ago, I lived at a store called 'the Disney Store'.  And the thing about the Disney Store was, there were Auroras. & Cinderellas. & Belles. And the problem with that was, I was never chosen. After a while, they even stopped restocking me's. But one day, they had something called 'the Twice Upon a Year Sale' whatever that means. When that happened, more people came into the store. And then I saw Vanessa for the first time. She was alone and examining all the dolls. I shook my box, hoping she'd notice. After about two hours in the store, Vanessa's shopping bag was filled with dolls to the brim. I kept thinking, maybe this is it. Maybe i'll get chosen. 2 minutes later, I watch her walk out of the store. At that point it started to get real. Would I be clearanced? Would they throw me away? But then two hours later, as the store literally is gonna close in 5 minutes (and that was the last day of the sale) I hear screeching from outside. (Her nearest disney store is right next to the parking lot) and then I hear more screeching. As in a car screeching. And the the car is going fast, and i'm thinking, how is that legal? Anyway, I hear a car door being slammed shut, and hear pounding footsteps.

Its her.

Vanessa runs in, grabs me off the shelf, flings money at the cashier so fast that all I saw was money appearing, and we were off.

And to this day she still says i'm her favorite.

Meeting Dolls

Since I only just now got my blog, we have a lot to catch up on! Allow me to introduce you to the dolls here: (my own pictures coming, these are pictures of the exact dolls from the Net.)

The Little Mermaid Family

Eric, Ariel, King Triton, & Ursula live in their own little box. Ursula has a big crush on King Triton but is afraid to tell him. Ariel & Eric's wedding is postponed for until Vanessa can get her hands on an Ariel Wedding Dress. Ariel already said that I could be her bridesmaid.

The Snow White Family

Snow White, the Evil Queen, & the Prince live in a box with the Cinderella family. Vanessa decided to give the Evil Queen a name since she is trying to not me evil anymore (being a perfect princess, I still don't trust her) so her name is Queen Ermentrude. The Prince is named Prince Christopher.

The Cinderella Family

Prince Charming, Cinderella, & the Fairy Godmother live in a box with the Snow White family. (Trivia: I learned how to make my hair so princessy perfect FROM Cinderella herself!).

The Sleeping Beauty Family

Prince Phillip has been waiting so long for his bride. I hope Vanessa finds Aurora someday for him. Poor guy. For some reason, Vanessa has two Maleficents. One that is still kept in her plastic prison and one allowed to roam free. To differentiate them, I call the one with green skin Mally & the other Maleficent because she seems more regal. Vanessa is always saying 'this one's LE! We can't take it out of its box!'. Well I don't care honey, LET HER GO. They live in a box with Belle & Beast.

Belle & Beast

We can hardly call just the two of them a family, I think. They live with the Sleeping Beauty Family.

Well that's about it, we have about 2 more families (including mine!) coming up next!

See ya later, darlin's!

Charlotte La Bouff

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Welcome Darlin's

Hello darlin's! It's me, Charlotte! Vanessa and I were looking at My Little Megara's Blog one day and I asked her if I could have a blog of my very own. She said yes! (because I'm her absolute favorite.) I sure hope you enjoy my blog!