Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Save By My Girlfriends

I was about to set out for Prince Phillip's house, when I quickly realized that I had no idea how I would get there without a way of transportation. My gal pals saved the day by renting me a carriage to get to Prince Phillip's house. They're so sweet! Even though the carriage is supposed to seat 6 people, tonight it would luxuriously seat two. When the coachman (The Prince) pulled up at Prince Phillip's house, his face went pale. "What's wrong, sugar?" I asked him worriedly. "The thing is that the romantic surprise was that when you came, I was gonna have somebody drive us in this carriage, and we were gonna be pulled to the restaurant in a beautiful carriage. But now we can't." he was crying. "Its ok" I said, giving him a hug. We got in the carriage and had a nice conversation on the way there. Stay tuned to hear about our dinner!

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