Wednesday, March 11, 2015

How I Was Bought

I wasn't always owned by Vanessa. A long long time ago, I lived at a store called 'the Disney Store'.  And the thing about the Disney Store was, there were Auroras. & Cinderellas. & Belles. And the problem with that was, I was never chosen. After a while, they even stopped restocking me's. But one day, they had something called 'the Twice Upon a Year Sale' whatever that means. When that happened, more people came into the store. And then I saw Vanessa for the first time. She was alone and examining all the dolls. I shook my box, hoping she'd notice. After about two hours in the store, Vanessa's shopping bag was filled with dolls to the brim. I kept thinking, maybe this is it. Maybe i'll get chosen. 2 minutes later, I watch her walk out of the store. At that point it started to get real. Would I be clearanced? Would they throw me away? But then two hours later, as the store literally is gonna close in 5 minutes (and that was the last day of the sale) I hear screeching from outside. (Her nearest disney store is right next to the parking lot) and then I hear more screeching. As in a car screeching. And the the car is going fast, and i'm thinking, how is that legal? Anyway, I hear a car door being slammed shut, and hear pounding footsteps.

Its her.

Vanessa runs in, grabs me off the shelf, flings money at the cashier so fast that all I saw was money appearing, and we were off.

And to this day she still says i'm her favorite.

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